Craft'za 2012

The first annual Minneapolis Craft'za in the Soap Factory was a huge success. Our parents watched our kids on Saturday so we could focus on the show. I mostly walked around all day, taking photos and talking with vendors, as usual.

A lot of my coworkers showed up; that was fun! We had a hot dog stand outside serving delicious pork wieners. This was the first event to be featured on three different TV channels! Turnaround was great and there were no major disasters until someone pulled the fire alarm about 15 minutes before closing time. I didn't spend as much as I normally do, but I did pick up a few little gifts.

Nobody bought my pokémons. I thought about opening an Esty shop to sell them, and even created a banner image, but that was as far as I went. First I need to finish projects for both my classes, send out applications for the next event, and start my Christmas shopping I guess??