Pop-Up Camping

Jenna's family got a small pop-up trailer 25 years ago that they used for family vacations, and now we are using it as our own! Last year we went on several weekend camping trips but I, weirdly, did not write about any of them here. We took four more trips in 2016.

I was raised as a tent camper so the idea of sleeping in a structure with electricity and running water was foreign to me at first. It's starting to grow on me, though, and it's probably easier for the kids. We get a little bit of "roughing it" and a little bit of comfort all in one.

My favorite outing this year was a week-long visit to Door County. I found mushrooms growing in our shaded site, we visited friends, and everybody enjoyed the laid-back island lifestyle. Then again, my criteria for successful camping are simple:
  1. Drink some beers
  2. Make a fire
  3. Enjoy!