Body Movin'

I have been practicing Yoga regularly at home for the past three months, which might be the longest I've stuck with it consistently. The main benefit this time has been overall body awareness. I'm more in tune with my breath and my posture and have learned things about my physical body that somehow I hadn't figured out yet in 36 years.

For example, I know what shape my feet are now. I realized that although my right foot is longer, it's also narrower. It doesn't fit snugly in the heel, which means there's more friction, which means my foot hurts after wearing grown-up shoes for a few hours. I've had this problem for years but never understood the symptoms until recently... and now I have a solution!

Darn Tough socks changed my life. Not only do my feet not hurt at the end of a long day but they don't even stink. I feel like this is another epiphany I'm having later than most professional adults but now that I'm on the wool socks tip I don't want to wear anything else. Plus they're made in the USA and guaranteed for life. What's not to love?

2016 Annual Report

I didn't post much this year so there's more ground to cover here than usual!

A fish and bird died but we adopted a cat, so overall we came out ahead on pets.

Natalie is a reading machine! Faves this year: Bone, Smile, Calvin & Hobbes, and Garfield.

Our shows were bad for sales of Angleworm Embroidery products, but great for everyone else.

Maybe it's my age but I've started eating slightly better--no more instant ramen for me.

We did our usual craft stuff and added several new events at my day job--busy year for events!

I had an okay season for morels, ate my first wild chanterelles and found my first amanita.

I dove deep into Stardew Valley and became a Pok√©mon Go master.

Hand Modeling
My photogenic fingers appeared in a Minnesota Monthly feature. It's becoming a trend!

I stopped podcasting myself and picked up yoga again. I might be done with embroidery too.

The moon of my life.

My sun and stars.

Lake Home 
No more :(

I officially become a Sunday School teacher for third graders, and a confirmation class mentor.

Got a 3DS with Pokemon Sun for Christmas; new favorite daddy-daughter activity.

In February I took a break from consumerism again and it felt real good.

Watched her first movie theater feature: Moana! Soundtrack is on constant rotation.

RIP podcasting, 2014-2016

We finally insulated a janky corner of our house and tore out a deck. Jenna painted.

I recorded a podcast with Josh and Elly on Professional Humans. We talked about crafts and stuff.

Tidying Up
Keeping only the objects that spark joy has been life-changing magic in our home.

Unmotivated to put up many blog posts

Full disclosure, "U" was the last letter I filled in. Started drafting last year, posted February 21.

We took a few trips in the pop-up camper, including a week in Door County, WI.

I figured out how to buy and wear clothes. Thrift shopping can't be beat.

X, Y, Z done, goodnight everybody!