2012 in review

 Come on in, children, and pull up a chair for the year in review with Dad By Dawn. I feel like, without hyperbole, 2012 was the busiest year in my life. It was our first full year with two children, plus our dog and five hens on the farm (also, briefly, a bunny). I'm still working as a manager at ReconRobotics and have an employee reporting to me. Jenna and I ran two craft fairs and I started work on my MBA with two classes in the fall. I traveled to both San Diego and Las Vegas for work. Plus three weddings and a funeral.

Looking at last year's review, some life changes come into sharp relief. I haven't run, at all, since October 2011. MIX is over (RIP). I was on TV two or three times. I don't know whatever happened to my $99 Sale painting. I made ice cream, but only some, not a lot. All but one of our hens died/was killed and I'm thinking of giving that one away and getting out of the chicken biz.

I set some goals for the year which we achieved with varying success. I made learning about clothes into a Tumblr, carved a rock (this was Secret Project Status at preview time), and was awesome. I don't know if we managed to cut our budget, but we met with financial planners, which is a step in the right direction. We also didn't plant a Paisley tree, so maybe we'll wait until she's old enough to help.

That's your summary, now here are the highlights.

Wedding Posts:
Arts and Crafts:
Everyone try your best for 2013, OK?