Craftstravaganza 2012: SWAG

Craftstravaganza is in the bag. Full post coming, after I've had some time to process the experience and choose suitable photos. But first: the loot! These are all the items we acquired at the Craftstravaganza this year. One of them is cleverly obscured because it's a wedding gift for my bro.

The raincoat and bib are for the girls and the Dalai Lama is now hanging in my office. It is an original stencil work with spray paint on canvas by Taylor Lindgren. He was one of my favorite new artists this year. His mom did the framed print of Minnehaha Falls which I gave to my mom for Mother's Day. Jenna's gift was the little necklace from PickleBerries. They both were the lucky recipients of Zeichen Press cards.

Natalie loves pretending to be a kangaroo so we bought her the little pocket monster from LolaMade. We're saving the Tiny Hands lollipop necklace for her Candy Land-themed birthday party. Last of all I got some bath products to cleanse myself after the show ended but I haven't quite got around to using them yet.

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