Weekly Planner Podcast

Hello friends. I'm excited to announce that after months of planning and prep, I have officially started a podcast! The first episode is up and available for your listening pleasure right over here.

Weekly Planner is about events in the Twin Cities and the people who make them happen. In episode one I talked with Adam Turman, and I think most future episodes will be a similar one-on-one interview format. In fact I already have a few like that recorded and scheduled to post in upcoming weeks.

I would love to hear what you think! Please drop me a note especially if there's anything in particular that you loved, hated, or want to hear in future episodes. Help me make a good show for you!

Back in the Running

I started running again! I started for real the first time in 2011 then I quit again shortly after Paisley was born in September of that year. Two and a half years later, it felt like time to hit the trails again.

Way back in the dark ages I got my training plan from a book. Of course there's an app for that now, so my smartphone has replaced the stopwatch as my primary tool for tracking runs. I just completed the third week of the C25K plan, which means I'm already a third of the way through. I'm on track to begin racing again in August.

Best of all, I got new shoes! I realized belatedly that I never wrote about my old shoes, which seems... disrespectful. Those grey Asics carried me through hundreds of miles and four races, and now they're in the garbage. But check out the new hotness!


It was good! I guess I forgot to blog about it until now? But I did document it on Instagram, including some of the times when I was on TV (three days this year!) and even made a few Vines. Of course I live-tweeted too. Social media is fun! We also remembered to spend money and got some cool toys.

My first event that someone else paid me to manage! GrillFest was fun, and stressful, and extremely educational. Somehow I also managed to go the entire weekend without eating a burger. I remedied that with my brunch on Monday and it was the perfect way to cap off the weekend.

Luxury Home Tour
We're in the second week of this three-weekend show now. I've never even been on a home tour before now, so so running this one was another great learning experience. I expected that visiting these million-dollar-plus homes would make me feel bad about myself, but not one has a master bedroom the size of ours!

Get Smart

I have officially joined the 21st century. Last month I became the last person under the age of 40 to finally get a smartphone. I'm on Instagram now. Also my wife got me a new iPad as an early Father's Day present because she is the BEST WIFE and I love her.

From i to R

If I were superstitious or fatalistic I'd say that after my last post praising the glories of downtown Minneapolis, it was inevitable that something bad would happen to restore the balance. Turns out everything was waiting for me--including a bold thief who stole my iPad from my 10th floor cubicle while there were people working in the office, and I was downstairs getting a haircut.

I was sad. But it felt wrong to dwell on my loss. It's just an iPad after all--it's not like someone died. And I really did love that iPad, but my life revolved around it to perhaps an unhealthy extent. Maybe it's for the best.

Anyway forget that old thing because a week after the robbery I got a new toy! The Roland R-05 portable audio recorder is my new digital friend, and it is going to help me make podcasts. More to follow!

Where all the lights are bright

Even though I'm pleased as punch about my new job, one thing I was not excited about--at least at first--was working in downtown Minneapolis. It's just so far. Turns out, I've been having a lot of fun!

I park in Chaska and ride the Southwest Metro Transit express bus. These buses have wifi, comfy seats, even overhead compartments. I can nap. I can check emails. I can even read a book! It's half an hour to do whatever I want, which is an almost unimaginable luxury.

Before lunch I take a short walk around the skyways. It's fun to explore and it smells great. I realized during one of these walks that a lot of things I loved about living in Japan weren't magical and unique (although some of them were); they were just standard features of a vibrant, active city. I can't do anything about the commute time, but working downtown is now one of my favorite perks.

Everything's waiting for you