GMAT Surprise!

Funny story about the GMAT: I thought I had an appointment scheduled for two weeks from now, but I didn't. I checked yesterday morning, you know, just to make sure everything was cool. Everything was not cool. I did a quick check for anything available and literally the only open appointment was for today.

So I scheduled it (for reals this time) and took the test this afternoon. Sure I had to frantically review the material but it's not like I was going in unprepared. I already had four months to study, after all. I took the day off work to brush up on the basics and go in with a clear mind. And I did really well! ("unofficial" total score: 710)

I don't think I realized the amount of bandwidth this test prep was taking up. Even when I wasn't studying, processing this information was a burden, and now I am relieved of it! All of that useless knowledge can be forgotten once again, at least until (as Jenna pointed out) our kids start learning this stuff in school. Then it begins all over again.

4th of July

Waiting for fireworks
Natalie came prepared
"Too loud!"
Natalie mostly enjoyed her first official fireworks display. Next year we'll bring ear plugs I guess. We sat next to a family who had just moved to Chaska from their native Ireland, so it was their first American Independence Day as well! 


I'm still studying to take the GMAT. I scheduled a date for the test in late July, which is the latest I was advised that I could get the score back in time for fall semester admissions. I didn't jump on it soon enough and they added a whole new section to the test. Yoiks!

Learning new things is a good way to stay humble and re-learning things that you mastered over a decade ago is even better for keeping your ego down to earth. Some of this math is hard, yo. Meanwhile I've been getting my application together so that it will be ready for submission as soon as the GMAT score is posted.

Last month I attended an information session at St. Thomas. I learned a little about the program and got to see the Minneapolis campus, which I had never visited before. It's the only school I am applying to, so all my eggs are in this basket.