Number Munchers

This week I started studying for the GMAT. Now, you might think the important news here is that I'm thinking of getting an MBA. But considering that I started my previous blog to write about going to law school, then got rejected by nine different programs... let's not jump the gun. For now I'm just focused on this exam. Specifically, the math.

The reading and writing parts of the GMAT will be super-easy,* but the "Quantitative" section has me worried. It calls for knowledge of formulas and calculations that I either haven't used in over a decade or never properly learned in the first place. I did some research and ordered this book.

It feels weird to be studying for a test again after all these years. I was talking about it with Jenna today and she couldn't believe it's been nine years since we graduated from college. On the other hand, all my life I've never stopped having nightmares about school, so in a way it's like I never left!

*I scored 48 on the Verbal section of the official practice test with plenty of time to spare (a score of 45 or higher is in the 99th percentile).


Mary Krueger said...

I'd have been surprised if you would have scored anything less than that!

Andy Krueger said...

thanks mom.