San Diego drinks: Craft & Commerce

There are few pleasure in life I savor as much as an expertly-made cocktail. It's also very rare for that cocktail to be made by someone other than myself. I was determined to have a good drink in San Diego, and that's what brought me to Craft & Commerce.

I was impressed from the instant I walked in the door (pictured above). The bar was fully stocked with specialty mixtures and fresh food ingredients sitting in separate cups on a bed of ice. After consulting the menu I ordered a Wimbledon Fizz. When I've tried to mix a Fizz at home, it turned out runny and gross. This one was delicious.

While I sipped my (fantastic) drink, I watched the bartender make a few more, using some classic techniques. He was like an artist at work. Everything had some fresh fruit or tea or infusion, and I wanted to try them all! Unfortunately, even if I could have afforded to stay and sip the afternoon away, there wasn't much time left to sample the culinary delights of San Diego.

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