San Diego eats: Old Town Mexican Cafe

On Tuesday we had dinner at Old Town Mexican Cafe. In contrast to the setting for last night's outing (quiet, trendy, and not crowded) this place was packed, wild, and totally unpretentious. It was highly recommended by a member of our group as the Mexican restaurant in San Diego.

Once we were seated, the chips and dips started coming... and didn't stop. The salsa tasted fresh, the guacamole was good if surprisingly mild, and the queso was revelatory. Solid, toasty cheese packed with ground meats and dripping with oil. It was a meal in itself. In fact, another one of my coworkers didn't even bother to order an entree after filling up on that cheesy ambrosia.

Foolishly, I ordered a chicken chile enchilada and grilled Mahi Mahi taco. They were both good (I preferred the enchilada to the taco) but neither achieved the level of perfection that had been set by the queso. In that respect it was disappointing, but for the queso alone it's worth the trip.

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