San Diego eats: Yard House

On Monday night I visited Yard House restaurant in San Diego's Gaslamp district. I had the pepper-encrusted Gorgonzola burger. It was pretty fantastic. The patty was a small, circumference-wise, but tall. Cooked well-done to order and covered in mushrooms and spinach. The thin cut fries were good too. Not really amazing, but they hit the spot after a day of flying.

What was impressive was the glass they used to serve my big boy pour of Red Trolley Ale. It was taller than most vases and very narrow, with a bulb base. I felt it would have been very easy to knock over after having a couple of these beers!

Beer was what this place was really all about. They had one of the longest rows of taps I've ever seen with plenty of local selections. Downstairs, next to the bathrooms, you could look into their storage area and see rows of kegs all hooked up to pressure regulators. Anyway that's what I think they were, and it was enough to impress our resident home brewer, so that's enough for me!

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