2016 St. Paul Craftstravaganza

Or, "the day I didn't sell anything"

Our 11th annual Craftstravaganza was a good event, like usual. The weather cooperated, only one artist out of 90 didn't make it, and several old friends showed up. It's always great to check out our new participants' work and visit with returning artists, and I took home a few goodies for myself (I'm really into ceramics lately). These are the things we love about doing the show. But it was all overshadowed for me personally by the fact that I didn't sell a single piece of embroidery.

Now, this isn't a big deal overall: the booth is free for me so if I make zero dollars I still break even. But it is a bit discouraging, so I'm contemplating some changes for my stitching business, the main one being that I need to open an online shop. Our friend Aisha recommended the Square platform and that's what I used! You can see my new Angleworm Embroidery shop now!!!

By the way, our kids came to the show this year and Natalie selected one of my hoops (Chun-Li) to bring home with her. When it was over we were talking about how nobody bought anything else and she wanted to pay me for it! So I did end up making back $1 of my own money in change from a very cute and generous little customer.