How I Got the Job

Hi everybody! I was laid off in January, so I've been busy figuring out what to do with my life. This week I started my new job as an Event Manager! And it's all thanks to the 6 step program at Wooddale Church (plus a lot of hard work and a little luck).

I started with cold calls off their networking list, just contacting everybody with events in their past, present, or future. That led me to a meeting with the Events Director at Target Field.* He mentioned an event was coming up there that weekend, and introduced me to my new boss. I volunteered to help and worked with the team all weekend. On Sunday night they invited me for an interview and two weeks later they offered me the job!

The key is that the position was never posted publicly, so if I hadn't done all of those steps (calling, networking, volunteering) at the right time, then not only would I not have gotten the job... I wouldn't have even known that the opportunity existed. That's 21st century job hunting in a nutshell.

*(plus dozens of other face-to-face meetings)