Glitter Pigeon
This is the last one I have time to finish before the show. It was the most difficult to make (the glossy glitter paper was much more finicky than paper card stock) and the most difficult to distinguish the details in a photo. Oh well! I hope someone buys it!


Right at the time when we want people to be most excited about our craft fair, that's when I just want it to be over with. Makes sense. The week leading up to the show is the busiest one, and the tasks only keep piling up each day until they're finally either completed or irrelevant.

It's great to see other peoples' enthusiasm though! And I do enjoy the day of the show, after all the pieces have come together, and I'm just soaking in it. But not as much as I will enjoy emerging from the other end, sipping a cocktail and basking in the satisfaction of a job well done.


I made more art. It looks better in person; the texture and layering of the paper is washed out in the photos. What you really can't see is the depth in these frames. The figures are mounted with bits of cardboard so that they pop out from the background.
Electric Rat
Smoke Monster
Magical Fish
They will be on sale this Saturday at Craft'za! You have to acquire all of them!

Papercut Pocket Monsters

I have a tendency to get obsessed with stuff. Not, like, in a compulsive way. Just that I get really interested in something and I can't stop thinking about it all the time.

I mean, look at this. In January and February I devoted my spare time to carving rocks. In April, building tiny robots was my jam. Then I focused on studying for the GMAT for a few months. In summer and fall I was obsessed with clothes.

Right now all I want to do is make cute, colorful, Pokémon papercut artwork. Take a look up there at that thing I made! Good thing I don't have a bunch of other high priority stuff to do right now! Oh wait, oh no :(