The GMAT: Nailed it!

The official GMAT score report is in. I got a full six out of six points on the Analytical Writing section of the test. Funny story: this is the first part of the test, and as I was doing a final read-through of my essay, the time expired.

As I watched the clock run down, I was thinking in the back of my mind that this was okay. But then I started to second-guess myself. Throughout the next three hours of the test I worried that this meant it hadn't been submitted! It was a huge relief when I finished and the administrators were able to confirm that, in fact, everything I had written was saved.

Overall score is the same; 710, 92nd percentile. I aced the Verbal section and sucked it up on Quantitative and Integrated Reasoning. Overall, I got the results I expected. I would recommend Total GMAT Math to other test-takers. My score would have been a lot worse without it.


E. McPan said...

Cool! I can't even imagine taking another important test at this point in my life. Congrats!

Andy Krueger said...

What are you talking about, Miss take-the-bar-and-MPRE-in-every-state-in-the-union? :D

E. McPan said...

He says as she is filling out *another* bar application (albeit this time I can waive in, thank goodness).