I got acceptance letters last week from both Carlson and UST. So I got that goin' for me. Which is nice. I feel like I ought to be more excited, but honestly, once I got those GMAT scores there was never any doubt.

So with my high score, stellar references, and work history I'm an incredibly desirable candidate, right? What kind of fat scholarships are coming my way? Well, nothing from Carlson. I told the admissions director up-front that St. Thomas was my top choice and asked what he could do to make their costs comparable (their estimated cost for a part-time MBA is $67,032 versus $47,353 at UST). He told me if I was applying for full-time we could talk, but there's no scholarship available for the evening program.

OK then. UST offered a Dean’s Scholarship that covers the cost of one course. Asking around, it sounds like this is their best offer. So for that (and numerous other reasons) I will be attending the University of St. Thomas in the fall.


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So UST is the place for you. This is such good news and we think you'll be up to the task!