Full Paisley Post

 I guilted myself into writing at least one whole post about my second-born. Paisley is at a really fun age. She is talking up a storm. Such a smiley, happy baby! She turns one year old next month!! :-o

 On weekend mornings I take care of the kids while Jenna sleeps in. Every night Natalie asks me, "will you be home when I wake up?" She loves these days. But usually Paisley is the first one awake, and I get to spend an hour alone with her--sometimes even two--before her big sister rolls out of bed.

Paisley loves playing in the water. She might actually enjoy learning to swim, instead of being terrified by it like Natalie (and I) were. She likes reading books, bopping her head to the music, and pulling up the towel over her head to play peek-a-boo after bath time. I love her very much. The end.

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Mary K. said...

all of these photos of Paisley are adorable! What a great little 'pose' of her tiny finger up to her chin.