Greenspring Media 3 Year Retrospective

I've been working full-time (and then some) managing events for Greenspring Media for over three years. Yet somehow I've only mentioned the company by name once, when I was hired. Seems like time for a recap!

My time here has actually come full circle this year. There was an opening for me because the previous event manager had left after 17 years. The first Greenspring event I managed was the Minnesota Monthly GrillFest in 2014. And now, just before the 2017 GrillFest, my manager Sara quit after 11 years with the company.

So this year's GrillFest--my fourth--was my first event as the senior-ranking event person at Greenspring Media. Plus, we introduced three new events in 2016 in addition to our five major recurring shows and they're all coming back, so this year is looking pretty busy. #eventlife