Buy Nothing Month

Because we're trying to save money and I like challenges, February 2012 is Buy Nothing Month. I will buy nothing for myself for the next 29 days. Beyond the bare essentials for survival, of course. That means:

  • Bills
  • Taxes
  • Groceries
  • Gas
  • Booze
  • Toys
  • Clothes
  • Games
  • etc.
Instead, every day I will draw a picture of the thing(s) I am thinking of buying that day. I got an app to produce these abstract chicken scratches. It's like a low-rent version of Hchom's cribbers lists. Click the pic below to begin the magical journey!

Formal Fridays

"Any man may be in good spirits and good temper when he's well dressed." -Charles Dickens

I greatly appreciate the relaxed dress code at my office. I have taken full advantage of it over the years to clothe myself casually and sometimes like a bit of a slob. Since I'm making an effort to up my game, though, I decided to invite other like-minded gentlemen to join in the fun once a week.

Formal Fridays are a ready-made excuse to put on something outside our usual repertoire and take confidence that we won't be the odd man out. We have two weeks under our belt now. Looks like it might stick!

I'll post my photos here. Please send me yours if you decide to play along at home, and I'll share them with the rest of the class.

2011 in review

So, 2011, huh? That definitely happened. The end of last year/beginning of this one have blurred past as we continue adjusting to life with two children. Paisley got her first tooth, Natalie had a magical Christmas, and I got a vasectomy. What else happened in 2011?
  • I took up running and trained regularly for about eight months, the longest time I have ever stuck with an exercise regimen, by far. I also completed four races.
  • Paisley was born and we had a wee one in the house again. She was baptized with water from the Jordan River. I love her.
  • Natalie turned three. She started preschool in the fall and is taking a ballet/tap dance class. She knocked out a tooth. She is smart and funny and sweet. I love her.
  • It was the sixth year for Craftstravaganza and the second Minneapolis Indie Xpo. I wasn't involved much with MIX this time around but still moderated two artist panels and had a great time at the show.
  • Creative projects for the year:
  • Some chickens lived, some chickens died, some chicks grew up to be hens; the circle of life goes on.
  • We are still married! Honestly, every year has been better than the one before. Raising kids can be a challenge but I think that has brought us even closer together. Our love will last forever and ever.
Did I keep my New Year's Resolution? No. Do I have goals for 2012? Of course! First, spend less money than last year because for serious, we need to do that. Dress better at work (but without, you know, spending any money). Plant a Paisley tree. Make [SECRET CRAFT PROJECT]. Keep on being awesome.

Happy New Year!

Christmas Card Perfect

I'm back-dating a few posts now that I'm in the blogging spirit again. Here's our living room before Paisley's First Christmas. Natalie was really into it this year. She put out cookies for Santa and he left her a hand-written thank-you note in the morning (she didn't care).

One of my favorite parts of the holiday season is getting together with my bros. We played lots of Thunderstone and Forbidden Island this year. I finally figured out the trick: buy them games I want to play. Boom! Instant party.

I had a a very Americus Christmas when my prizes from the Skyrim contest arrived. I opened it along with my other gifts and honestly it was one of my favorite presents. Out from a huge envelope poured a pile of original art (including two full Americus pages) and signed books. Thanks again to Jonathan Reed for his amazing generosity!