Ice cream party


Last Wednesday it was snowing, and cold, and dark. It was the perfect day to defy winter by bringing frozen treats to work and having an ice cream party. I had churned up four flavors for just this occasion:
  • Coffee Gelato,
  • Burnt Caramel Gelato,
  • Chocolate Pretzel Ice Cream, and for the bold,
  • Balsamic Vinegar & Black Pepper Ice Cream.
Chocolate Pretzel was the most popular. It's a great salty-sweet combination. Quite a few folks tried the balsamic and pepper, and nobody quite liked it (I can't say I care for it either). My recipe book recommends serving it with some fresh fruit. I'll have to try that combination.

I calculated ingredient costs for some basic flavors and came out to around $3.50 a pint. Cheaper than buying some fancy-pants gourmet brand, but I'm not going to make a business from selling small batches of this stuff. Anyway, it's still a lot of fun to make and share, and Natalie loves it. Ice cream for everybody!


rolli grove said...

REALLY! is there an earlier post describing your ice cream making efforts?

Andy Krueger said...

Yes, mostly here and here. I love making ice cream!