Three recent unrelated adventures

A little Barred Owl flew up to our kitchen window, peeked inside, and then flew away. I was draining ravioli in the sink at the time so I was literally only a couple of feet away! It was an amazing close encounter with this beautiful bird. I've heard them hooting at night but this was our first sighting, and it was still quite bright outside, at 6:00 PM.

Chaska public library had a book sale. Natalie and I walked around and found some great vintage children's books, plus a few books for me. My favorite find: the gorgeously illustrated Richard Scarry board book I am a Bunny. Natalie was on especially good behavior and the library staff adored her.

We joined a church! Christ Victorious Lutheran is now our official home church. This is the only church we have belonged to as a couple or as a family. I hope this will provide stability and relationships for Natalie, and for us too. We are excited to get involved with this new community.

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