It's mud season

It came down from the sky..., originally uploaded by Dani℮l

Now that the temperature is up and some snow has melted, Natalie delights in playing outside again. For the past week, our usual routine after I get home is to run around and watch the chickens and swing until Jenna rings the dinner bell. The only problem is that our yard is a boggy mess and the gravel driveway has turned into a mud pit.

We went to the big Home & Garden show to shop for a new driveway and promptly ran into my CEO. We also watched our celebrity pal Christopher Straub doing a fashion thing with Allison Kaplan, who has given us good press for the Craftstravaganza. So it was nice to talk with all of them. Natalie's favorite part was riding up and down the Convention Center's long elevators. She also enjoyed playing in the Rainbow playgrounds, until a mean boy shut a door in her face. Anyway it got us thinking about landscaping and sheds and summer projects.

While visiting my parents in Alexandria, we shopped for riding mowers and bought seeds. Natalie helped Jenna plant them in a windowsill starter when we got home. I filled our bird feeders, picked up thawed dog poop, and cut up branches. It's beginning to feel a lot like spring (forecast for this week: 4-8 inches of snow).

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