Fetus Princess*

It's baby time! Jenna's got another bun in the oven and Natalie is excited to become a big sister sometime around October 2. The three (four?) of us went in for a checkup a couple of weeks ago and listened to the heartbeat together. It was a magical family moment.

Natalie's 4-year-old cousin is staying with us for a week while her parents vacation in Mexico. It's like a preview of our life 3 years from now. Most of the time the girls are so sweet with each other and it is very nice. Sometimes they are not.

My wife is used to juggling three children when she does daycare for her other sister's kids, but for me, adjusting to double daughters is an eye-opening experience. It takes both of us to manage bedtimes and anything else that requires splitting them up, but on the other hand, Natalie needs us less when they play together. And she's having so much fun... at least for now! On balance, I'm totes stoked to add another baby (and another tree) to our home.

*We don't know yet if the fetus is a boy or girl, but we will find out if we get a chance. I just couldn't pass up the opportunity to use a picture of Adventure Time's "embryo princess" (although he or she is technically a fetus now)

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