Carver's Wild Kingdom

Wasps, originally uploaded by علي الحسين

The parade of nature continues at our new house as we begin our first spring. The geese are returning, along with a bunch of weird migrating birds that I don't recognize. I repaired our bird feeders (birds/squirrels somehow destroyed all three last year) to attract more visitors. One evening a pretty male pheasant stopped by.

All the mud and snow in our yard has been collecting animal tracks, which Natalie enjoys ("follow tracks, follow tracks, what we see?" she sings). Mostly we see the prints of deer, rabbits, dogs, and the unmistakable hand-prints of raccoons (their tiny, creepy hands). A chipmunk is nesting under our porch and digging holes in the front garden. And there's a big fat cat living in our barn.

Speaking of unwelcome guests, our house is full of wasps. At first it was one or two here and there and we figured they were stumbling out of dormancy and then dying; no big deal. We had it admit it was a problem when I killed 42 in a single day. I figured out where they were coming from and bombed a room with pesticide, netting me 45 more corpses. I hope that takes care of them!

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