The junkyard, a.k.a. future site of the new barn and goat pasture

So, those photos I posted before we moved into our house were pretty idyllic, eh? I only took you on a tour as far as the dilapidated (but cute) barn. Everything looked pretty nice up to that point! What's beyond there, you ask? Well, a whole lotta garbage, that's what.

There's a decent chunk of land out back there and someday I hope to do something with it. First, though, we have to clear out several dumpsters'-worth of junk. I will be stockpiling these bricks for some future project. There are some plastic buckets and cinder blocks that we might be able to use. Almost everything else is a write-off.

It's hard to fully convey how much of a garbage dump is in our back yard. See that flattish structure to the right? That's a roof. It's big; at least ten feet to a side. The pile in the background to the left is about the same size. Add to that trees all fallen on top of each other and we've got a big mess on our hands. Or, as I like to call it, a big opportunity for improvement!

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