Collaborations: My Little Pony (part 1)

Everyone who is cool watches My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Natalie caught Pony fever when I exposed her to the show last week (she makes me sing the theme song as a lullaby, for crying out loud). For our latest artistic collaboration, I drew the Ponies with Sharpie and she colored them with markers.

This is Rarity, my favorite pony. I mean, wait, no! Shut up!

I made Pinkie Pie's head too big, but Natalie didn't care. The big splotch of orange on her face is from an abortive first attempt, after which she took a break, and started over with vigor. Her coloring effort on this one was more all-over-ish. Although, she did pay special attention to the tip of her tail.

Natalie made three serious attempts to color Fluttershy's hair blue. She gripped the marker and bent her head down close to the table to concentrate. Most of the marks look random (and more of them truly are) but sometimes she's really thinking about what she's doing.

I've got three more ponies on deck, so part two will be posted after our next coloring session (update: see part two here).

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