2015 end-of-year post

The annual post is a tradition, so here I am again to reflect on the year that is ending, as a personal exercise more than anything else.

In hindsight 2015 feels primarily like a year of stability for me and my family. We lost a beloved pet (whose time had come), but not any human family members. I'm still working at the same job where I started in 2014. We took over a craft fair in summer, but that was organic growth and not a disruptive shift. I hunted down and consumed mushrooms like usual. We continued work on our house that has been on the to-do list since we moved in five years ago. I ate all the food.

I wrote about my one big change of producing inventory and tabling as an artist at my craft fairs, although even that activity seemed inevitable and a long time coming. I was a session presenter at this year's bushCON which was fun and exciting but also a repeat of my talk from IgniteCompared with last year there were no big surprises and no unwelcome changes. There were also no grand adventures or incredible discoveries... just life, well-lived. And that's OK. The older I get, the more I appreciate this kind of peaceful co-existence and natural personal development.

Hopefully it's been a good year for you too. Love always and peace,