Tenth Anniversary

Where it all began... the WalMart liquor department
This August Jenna and I celebrated our tenth year of marriage together. We did a lot of fun things but the main one was spending two full days without the kids, the longest we've ever been away together since Natalie was born! The celebration started with Jenna picking me up from work on August 19, a walk around Northeast, and dinner at Ginger Hop.

We stayed at the Nicollet Island Inn, "Minneapolis' Most Romantic Hotel and Getaway," and had breakfast there in the morning. Then we returned to the place where we met and fell in love: beautiful Eau Claire, Wisconsin. We revisited all the historic landmarks of our relationship, starting with Mancino's for lunch. We also got to visit with some old friends, which was very nice!

We spent the night at Fanny Hill, a Victorian B&B (with a hot tub in the room--fancy). Next morning we went back to Mancino's for lunch and drove home after a quick stop at the Minneapolis farmer's market. A great vacation with a terrific lady! Here's to ten more years! 

Running Man

I completed my 8-week Couch-to-5k running plan. Last Thursday I ran my first 3.1 miles since 2011. Then on Saturday (since I'm training for a trail race series) I did another 5k in the Minnesota Wildlife Refuge and somehow was much faster!
I'd like to beat my time from the only 5k I ever ran (31:09), and I think I'm on pace to do it. More importanty I'm having a lot of fun running and have managed not to hurt myself so far. Now that I've started again it would be great to keep it up for a few years.