I remembered that drawing is fun and I started making comics again and I submitted my work to a couple of places. First was Rock Ink Roll. I spent a lot of time on my submission and I'm really proud of it. It wasn't selected for the printed anthology but Kevin Cannon said he liked it and that is awesome.

Next I submitted a last-minute strip for the City Pages Comix Issue. That one wasn't published in the paper either but you can read it online here.

Maybe the third time's the charm? Altered Esthetics announced that they're planning an exhibition of single-panel comics, and that's perfect for the Family Hexagon strips I've been posting on Tumblr. I'm gonna draw a bunch more and submit the best one!

Natalie's last Twins game

All season I've been looking forward to the AZ Canteen stand (based on Andrew Zimmern's food truck). While we stood in line, I offered Natalie a bite of my Cabrito Burger. "No daddy," she shouted. "I'm not like you!"

Natalie got to choose one snack for herself. She was pretty set on ice cream (or was it popcorn?) until the cotton candy man walked by. She ate almost the entire thing and had a tummy ache on the way home. "I shouldn't have eaten that," she said.

Natalie took this photo. After an inning and a half she was bored so we wandered around Target Field, riding up and down the escalators and elevators. I told her that next time we go out, we'll just ride the train into town, get a snack, and go play at a park or something. Man if you could have seen her face light up then.
I got all these comics for 50 cents or a quarter each at the Chaska Library book sale.

Culinary Arts Competition

I was a judge for the Kitchen Window Culinary Arts Competition during this year's Uptown Art Fair. I saw they were looking for jurors to rate the art, so I applied for that originally. They didn't pick me as an art juror but asked if I'd be interested in eating food instead, which was even better!

My favorite photo is above and here's the whole photo set on Flickr. The competition was a lot of fun and it helped promote our craft fairs a little bit.

Between heats I walked around the fair and talked with artists. I met someone we'd rejected from Craftstravaganza, which was awkward, but I asked her to try again. Also got a nice leather belt from some dudes from Texas.