Craftstravaganza #10

Hard to believe, but this May was our 10th annual St. Paul Craftstravaganza. We built it, we grew it, and we kept it going for a whole decade. One thing I had never done--until now!--was have my own booth as an artist.

This year I decided to take the plunge and go all-in with a separate table, selling as my hand-stitchery brand Angleworm Embroidery. It's all the work I've been sharing on Instagram since last December. I sold some hoops, traded a few with other artists, and had a lot of admirers. In particular my Zork piece (which I thought was a somewhat obscure reference) got a huge positive reaction.

It was fun to be an artist and stand behind the table as an exhibitor. But I also had to run the show and that meant I couldn't hang around in one place all day. I'd like to try another event where I can just participate as an artist. Overall the event was great and it inspired me to continue embroidering. One nice thing about running craft fairs is that there's always another one coming up in just a few months!

Morel Hunting Crib Sheet

Start looking for morels the first week that temperatures stay above 50 degrees overnight, usually early to mid-May. The morel season in Minnesota only lasts for about two weeks, so don't sleep! Other signs that it's time for a hike:
  • Lilacs blooming 
  • Dandelions begin to go to seed 
  • Oak leaves the size of a squirrel's ear 
Early spring, search on south-facing slopes in fairly open areas. As the season progresses, go deeper into the woods and explore north-facing slopes. You want to find well-drained, sandy soils and dead or dying trees (ideally with bark sloughing off the trunk). Look for these landmarks to identify potential hunting grounds:
  • Dry creek bottoms 
  • Old apple orchards 
  • Ash, aspen, elm & oak trees 
But is it really a morel? Morels are always hollow. "If it's not hollow do not swallow." Morels' heads are always attached to the side. "Head attached, down the hatch!" Oh, and remember you always gotta cook 'em first... a friend's dad just got sick from eating raw morels. Happy hunting!