Further thoughts on running and nutrition

I'm drinking less alcohol since I started running. When I reach into the fridge at night, my hand almost subconsciously passes over the bottle of beer and grabs water or milk instead. I started eating differently, too. I'm not so quick to reach for that second donut at work. And I have definitely cut back on processed foods. My wonderful wife has been making me lunches and I mostly stock healthy snacks like nuts and fruit in my cubicle cabinets.

I still love junk food and the occasional drink (I'm like a chocoholic, but for booze). I'm just making healthier choices, more of the time. The shift has been easy and natural, because real food is delicious and when I eat good, I feel good. And--it might just be my imagination, but--I think my beer gut has shrunk a little, and maybe I'm even developing a little muscle tone. Perfect body, here I come!

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