Premium Iced Creams

Perfect Apple Pie Recipe, originally uploaded by

I made some apple pie ice cream. It is amazing. You start with a cinnamon-vanilla base, stuff it with caramelized apples, and mix in a crushed, oatmeal cookie "crust." Truly, the ice cream that summer dreams are made of. Here's the recipe.

My mother-in-law is lactose intolerant so I've been experimenting with vegan ice creams for her to eat. The Peanut Butter Bombshell was a big hit at our housewarming party. I've been tweaking that recipe for maximum chocolateyness. Mixing in brownies made it thick as concrete. Blending a cake yielded a puddling-like consistency but a good creamy texture.

My brother is coming from Montana to visit this weekend so I'm going to give sherbet a shot. That's his favorite. I'm really getting a kick out of ice cream making. We offer free tastings for all visitors!

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