Baby's First Surgery

Natalie had to be surgeried this week. She got cavities on all of her molars from eating dried fruit and now they're all capped and filled. It was a harrowing experience for Jenna especially, who was having flashbacks to the hospital visits of her childhood. Both mom and baby are now feeling much better.

We toured the facility on the night before so Natalie could see the space and experience some of the procedures in a non-threatening way. I think this helped put her more at ease on the day of the surgery. I know it helped me. I was not prepared for how emotional I got when her little body drooped from the anesthesia and she began to whimper in her drug-induced sleep.

She was crying when she woke up, but soon she conked out and slept most of the next four hours. By the afternoon she was running around again happy as a clam. It was sad to go through that, but quite a relief once we fixed her. Plus now she's got a mouthful of bling that will be some darn cool-looking baby teeth when they fall out. Whatever the tooth fairy brings will not be worth nearly what we spent on them!

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