Little Funny

Look what I made! That right there is fifty copies of your Bob the Golfer issue of little funny (series II). The entire strip is below for my friends and Internet people.

Do you want your own accordion-fold micro-comics? They will be sold in adorably tiny boxes from an old cigarette vending machine at Lutefisk Sushi. Each $4 box includes over a dozen randomly selected comics. The opening reception is tonight at Altered Esthetics from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m., and the show continues through most of August, with a special panel discussion after MIX!

I haven't drawn a comic in years, so returning to the world of Bob the Golfer for this one-off strip was a fun adventure. I forgot how frustrating it can be to try getting clean lines from crappy pens. And I had to set up the scanner at about 11:00 PM on the night before they were due. But I'm pretty satisfied with the end result. I hope somebody likes it!

click comic to embiggen

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