A pair of Twins games

Because my job is The Best, I got free tickets from our CEO to attend a couple of games at Target Field this year. And because Jenna's mom is the best, Natalie got to play with grandma while we got some rare time alone together. The new stadium is great and we had perfect weather for outside baseball.

The first set of tickets were for a night game. We met at the MOA and rode the light rail--after figuring out where the bafflingly unmarked station was located, and where to park--all the way up to downtown. I ate some walleye fingers and fries, washed down with a plastic cup of Grain Belt. The seats are 16 rows behind home plate. It was glorious. Foul balls were popping up over the net all around us. The game dragged on and we left after the seventh inning, which was a good decision, because the Twins lost anyway after 3 1/2 hours. Through some bizarre coincidence, my MIX-planning partner Sarah and her boyfriend were sitting just three rows behind us.

The second game started at noon so we got the full sun-baked summer baseball experience. On the menu this time were the veggie stir-fry (not that great) and a couple of beers, followed by a shared soft-serve ice cream cone (so perfect). One of my work colleagues happened to be there with his dad, so we met for a drink and chat. To cap it off, Twins stomped the Indians 6-0 and we got to enjoy the celebratory fireworks at the end. BASEBALL!

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