4th of July weekend

We had a nice, relaxing weekend over the Fourth of July. On Sunday we went to the airport in Alexandria for the American Barnstormers Flying Circus. They had a bunch of old and replica airplanes sitting around, four antique cars, and two Indian motorcycles. Jenna and I got to ride in an open-cockpit biplane while all the planes were flying around drumming up business for the event! That was fun.

We took Natalie swimming in the lake for the first time. Once she saw her parents and cousin and aunt and uncle all playing in the water, she wanted to do it too. She also spent a lot of time this weekend singing made-up nonsense songs, which is adorable. Otherwise there are only a few things I want to do during vacation and we did all of them:
  1. Relaxing
  2. Playing board games
  3. Eating
  4. Identifying birds and wildflowers
  5. Riding in the boat
On Monday I also took the kayak out at 5:30 AM. I paddled around the serene lake and watched the sun rise. It was my first try kayaking and I quite enjoyed how, like riding a fixed-gear bicycle, the effort I expended was proportional to the speed of the vehicle. It was satisfying and enjoyable, and I have added it to my always-do list for future visits to the lake home.

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