Love bug

One aspect of our new home that's simultaneously creepy and exciting: increased access to bugs. Unless they're the stinging, biting, or sucking kind, I'm not bugged by bugs outside. But since the move, I've ended up murdering many more indoor insects (and arachnids) at the urgent request of my wife.

On the other hand I truly enjoy the increased variety of critters in the country. Gorgeous big dragonflies buzz around, butterflies are more abundant, and all kinds of bugs perch in plants. The other day I saw a katydid sitting on a flower. I scared it off, and the next morning it was right back in the same place. I geek out about this kind of thing.

After my shower today I pulled down a towel to see an earwig wedged between the shower curtains. Gross, but harmless. I scraped it into a spare jar and threw in some clover and grass shoots. Now it's not a pest, it's a pet!

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