Roller Coaster

Dueling Dragons, originally uploaded by brownek909

Negotiating the sale of our house was a long, nauseating ride, and not fun at all. Well, it was a little bit fun at first when we put the house on the market and got it clean and were all excited. And then getting the offer was great. It all went downhill after that, though, through a series of loops and drops that made us almost physically ill.

I was exceedingly glad to get off that roller coaster when we finally closed on our new home. There was a bit of stress around the move. And we've been busy with projects around the house ever since. But compared to the drama of buying and selling, my overall feeling has been one of incredible calm.

Has it really only been two months? In that short amount of time we've done much to make the house our home. And I haven't missed living in the city for even a second. That's a ride I don't want to get on again for a very long time.

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