The Harvest Continues, originally uploaded by joaobambu

Have you read today's post on St. Paul Real Estate Blog? Teresa is our listing agent and the first paragraph is about us. We sold our house quickly, with closing scheduled at the end of September. That gives us a little under two months to find new digs.

Over the past several months we spent time doing research and showings, and found a couple of gems that we would have snapped up, if we had been in a position to act. Now that we're ready to buy, the cupboard is bare. Everything is too expensive, too run-down, or too far away. Nothing on the market today is just right.

It looks like we're going to end up renting again for a while. That's okay, we can wait until that perfect home pops up, and save money on mortgage payments in the meantime. There's nothing worse than an impulse purchase on a house.


E. McPan said...

Wow, that was quick! Congrats!

The Goodfellas said...

congratulations, how exciting!!! :)
ps. i saw that you might be putting up some of your own pictures... yay! i miss seeing you and your pretty family. :)