Honey, I'm Home

Bee Nectar!, originally uploaded by da100fotos

Natalie doesn't exclusively prefer one of us over the other, but she has a definite preference for me when I get home from work. She squeals and comes crawling as fast as her little limbs can carry her. When she sees me her face lights up. It's daddy time!

We're inseparable for the rest of the night. If I try to hand her back to Jenna, Natalie pushes away from her mom, turns her head and makes a grumpy face. (My wife asked me to clarify: it is only when I first get home that Natalie rejects her like this.) If I actually go back out the door, she cries.

Then of course we read books and that's my favorite part of the day, snuggled up together. As much as I love her, though, I'm always glad to leave her sleeping in the crib and sneak out. Some nights I actually get to spend some time with my wife before we collapse into bed. Those are the best days of all.

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