Jam Session

The Flaming Lips, originally uploaded by Kyle Dean Reinford

It was a great weekend for homemade food! I baked my best banana bread ever, and we made our second batch of jam with Jenna's mom.

We froze raspberries from our yard all summer (the ones we didn't immediately eat) and came up with six cups of fruit. We tried a couple of different recipes because grandma has never made raspberry jam before. One called for equal parts fruit and sugar; the other specified 2 cups of sugar in 3 cups of raspberries. I wonder which one will be better?

While we weren't making jam, we were pushing Natalie around in this plastic push buggy. She fell in love with this toy. When we pulled her out, she would make a beeline for it and try to climb back in. The look on this child's face is an accurate indicator of her expression the entire time she was riding in it.

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