Garden, Day 46 + Aviary Update

Our garden has finally grown to the point where a wide-angle shot does not do it justice. I had to switch to the macro lens to show off this nice, plump, green tomato. All four tomato plants are putting out fruit and this one, unsupported, had bent to the ground under the weight of this one tomato!

Our three experimental corn plants are looking great. They were knee-high by the Fourth of July and now tassels have appeared on one of them, which hopefully means that an ear will appear soon. Also on the menu for late summer: hundreds of pickling cucumbers.

We've had bird feeders out for a few weeks and the local population has caught on. They're a popular place in the morning with a variety of birds fighting for a perch. All our friends from the city are out here: the house finches and sparrows, chickadees, cardinals, and so on. Plus we're feeding goldfinches, woodpeckers, brown-headed cowbirds, rose-breasted grosbeaks, and many others. Time to buy a more detailed field guide.

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