Mr. Clean

Master Bedroom, originally uploaded by WHUhnnnnnnnn

Our house is consistently tidy and clean for showings. There's a place for everything (even if that place is a temporary junk drawer), and everything is in its place. Flowers are blooming, every surface sparkles, and it's amazing how much better our neighborhood looks through clean windows.

I used to come home at night and all my activities were some form of procrastination to avoid cleaning. Recently I feel relaxed and free to do things I actually want to do. Instead of playing video games I'm reading books or gardening. Instead of watching TV I'm fixing and making things. I can actually inhabit my house instead of escaping from it.

Importantly, I'm developing the habit of maintaining the "showing ready" condition. Getting the house clean reminds me how much I like it that way, and inspires me to keep it looking good. And it works because I'm doing it for myself.

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