The Game of Shopping at the Supermarket, originally uploaded by Neato Coolville

Ashley turns one year old today! She is very social, increasingly mobile, and incredibly curious about the world. Every obstacle is an opportunity for climbing, and every object within grabbing range turns into a game. Things she enjoys playing with:

  • Glasses (yanking off faces)
  • Coffee Table (bashing head against)
  • Power Cables (chewing on)
  • Dog Bowls (grabbing, splashing)
  • Doorstops, faucets (sucking)
  • Books (turning pages, handing to me)
  • Food (smearing, feeding to the dog)
  • Sheets (peek-a-boo (also pilfered for this purpose: shirts, diapers, towels, shower curtain)

Last night she held up my cell phone to her ear and said, "hi." Then she grabbed my wrist, pulled my hand close, and slapped the phone into my open palm. I half expected her to follow that up by saying, "it's for you." Babies are smart.

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