Beets - Red Ace, originally uploaded by .kaishin.

Just crawling wasn't enough for her; our little baby is growing like a weed and now pulls herself up to her feet. She did it for the first time in the tub when I was giving her a bath. She went up one step at the bottom of the stairs too (and then promptly fell off it). She turns one year old this month!

Speaking of growing, I got our backyard garden planted for summer. Beans, carrots, cucumbers, sweet peas, tomatoes and lettuce are in. The strawberry plants I put in last year are producing delicious, sweet fruit. Raspberries should be coming soon.

After a wonderful weekend at the lake, we're once again thinking of selling our house and moving to the country. My task is doing projects to spiff up the place. I surprised myself by successfully installing a garbage disposal on the first try. Manly!

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