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I'm thinking about selling the Nighthawk. I enjoy riding my motorcycle, but it's not a spiritual or life-changing experience for me, like it apparently is for some people. I simply don't feel compelled to ride the way that die-hard aficionados describe.

I do enjoy telling people that I have a motorcycle, but that representation is tempered by a secret shame at how infrequently I ride it. You could count on one hand the number of trips I've taken this year, and last year wasn't much better. There are any number of hypothetical reasons not to sell my motorcycle, but the odometer speaks for itself. You can't argue with mileage. What it tells me is that I like the idea of owning a motorcycle more than actually riding it.

Fact is, if I have a chunk of free time (which is rare) and I'm looking for something fun to do, taking off for a joyride on the bike is not at the top of my list. Maybe it's not in my genes after all. I'm a homebody at heart after all.

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