Summer Treats

Miss Rocketpop!, originally uploaded by cutesypoo (Buy these on Etsy!)

I'm churning out ice cream faster than I can eat it, which is saying a lot. My newest flavors are a super-thick peanut butter brownie concoction and cherry vanilla, which is made with a reduction of real cherries. Just this morning I made a batch of mint ice cream mixed with "cool mint" Oreos.

Summer's bounty has started trickling from our garden too. We found some wild black raspberry bushes in the rocks behind it and Natalie couldn't get enough of those. She was also the lucky eater of the year's first peas. In fact, with such a measly little garden, I wonder if there's going to be much left for anyone else after she gets the first dibs on all her favorite foods.

This week, Salt & Fat wrote about pancakes and the post inspired me to immediately make my own from scratch. I've never done it before but Jim was right, it was easy, and they were the most delicious pancakes I have ever made! Natalie was slamming them down like there was no tomorrow. I threw some fresh blueberries into mine... YUM.

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