Memorial Day Weekend

Natalie with her grandpa
We spent Memorial Day weekend at my parents' house on Lake Vermont. It was a great actual vacation; since we were away from the house with all of its projects demanding our attention, we had no choice but to relax and have fun. We even left Natalie with her grandparents so that Jenna and I could be alone with each other for a few hours. What a novelty!
What did we do with this rare and valuable time together? Why, garage sales, of course! It's great when your house needs everything. You can usually find useful stuff. We scored on some light fixtures (2 for $2), a doorknob (5o cents) and a large wall mirror (free). I picked up a brand-new copy of Stratego for $2, some books for ten cents each, and the TMNT Trilogy box set.
We had an adventure for the weekend when we took the boat out and the motor immediately died; luckily we were able to drift to a friendly neighbor's dock, and they took us for a ride on their pontoon boat. Back on dry land, we walked down the road to investigate a hand-painted "stop for eggs" sign. We discovered a farm with a flock of Barred Rocks, which is exactly the breed that I want to raise at home! Unfortunately they don't sell birds, but we still got a dozen eggs and Natalie had a great time watching the hens and their two Boston Terriers.
It was a great weekend. We played lots of board games, ate good food, and had a couple of beers. Weather was great most of the time. The air was swarming with friendly dragonflies. I took Natalie to see the cows on the farm across the street; she was excited until they started to rush the fence. I have many great memories of visiting my grandparents at this house and I hope that she does too.

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