September Banner

Here is the piece I made for The Soap Factory $99 Sale. Look familiar? I drew the outlines in Sharpie and then painted with watercolors. The stamp is, of course, my hand-carved hanko from Sumi-e class.

Usually I outline my work first in non-photo blue pencil, then do inks, then scan into the computer for coloring. So it was a challenge to free-hand this one instead. I'm happy with how it turned out! Hopefully someone likes it enough to spend $99 tonight (or $66 tomorrow at the leftovers sale).



The Goodfellas said...

It's quite beautiful!!
What is non-photo blue pencil? And what do you ink with (normally?)

Andy Krueger said...

"Non-photo" blue is a color that doesn't get picked up by the scanner, so it disappears when I transfer the image to the computer. They sell the pencils at art supply stores.

I don't draw much anymore so I usually just ink with whatever is at hand! Pilot Ultra-Precise are nice, and I mostly used Micron pens for Bob the Golfer comics. Sharpies are the best for bold lines.