2011: the year of enough

Everything I need is right here.

We spent money last year like it was going out of style. Beyond the big expenses (house, gutters, windows) I splashed out on fancy anniversary gifts, commissioned artwork, and dozens of personal projects. And this is despite the fact that my wife lost her job in April. Believe it or not, I actually spend a lot of time trying to actively resist the temptation to buy non-essential stuff. But then Christmas came around and I got wrapped up in the cycle of desire all over again.

At the start of this year, we took a hard look at our bank account and decided it was time for a change. So we're trying something different in 2011. Celebrating enoughness. Natalie has plenty of toys, our house is full, and we can't complain of lacking anything important.

The goals for the year, then: doing, instead of buying. Quality time together, not quantity of possessions. Enjoying the things we have rather than wishing for things that we don't. For me I think this will look like bag lunches, trips to the library, and a dwindling supply in my liquor cabinet. Just wait. I'll become an ascetic yet.

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The Goodfellas said...

aww <3
ps. if you become an ascetic, will you take to wearing a cloak? because if so, i can kind of picture it.